Long Term Condition Review


As part of our commitment to high quality care, and our extended role under the GP contract, the practice invites certain groups of patients in for an annual review of their condition and medication.

We invite patients in writing on or around their birthday month, and ask that they phone, or pop in to the practice, to make an appointment at a time convenient to them, to attend one of our mainly nurse-led review appointments.

The various types of review appointments we offer are run by specific clinicians and are each structured differently, depending on the condition being reviewed, so it is important to request the right appointment type from the receptionist when you book. What you need to ask for will always be mentioned in your invite letter.

While we encourage patients to attend these reviews, if you can’t, or don’t want to attend, we would be grateful if you could notify us so that we do not send you any more reminders until the following year.

A maximum of 3 written invites will be sent to you if you don’t respond, though for cost efficiency and patient convenience, we have started to also send invitations for review via our text messaging service.

If you are housebound and unable to attend the practice, you can phone the practice and request a home visit.

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