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Cervical Smears

There is a national recall system that invites all women aged 20-60 years for regular cervical smears.

If you have had a letter of invitation, or if you think you are due for a smear, you can phone, or ask at reception for a cervical smear appointment with a Practice Nurses, or you can ask to see one of the practice’s female GPs.

Routine screening should be done every 3 years, but some women may need more frequent screening. Regular cervical screening helps to reduce the risk of women developing cervical cancer. The leaflet linked below explains what a cervical smear test is, and what happens during the test.

The Cervical Smear
Test Explained


The practice offers a service for the insertion of contraception coils with Dr Boyd and Dr Calvert, and the insertion of contraceptive rods (Implanon) with Dr Boyd. Any woman wishing to make use of this service should make an appointment with either of these doctors to discuss their options before an appointment for insertion is arranged.

For more information on long active reversible contraception, you can read our advice page on the subject, or check out the leaflets linked below.

Long Acting Reversible Contraception Implant IUD IUS

The practice is also able to provide emergency contraception (pills to help prevent pregnancy if you’ve had unprotected sex). We can give you the tablets for up to 5 days after sex, but the sooner they’re taken the better, so when you call or come in to make an appointment, please ask for one on the same day.