Young Adults


Teenagers are always welcome in our practice, so if you think you need to talk to someone, or if you’re worried about anything to do with your health, or even if you would just like some information, then please make an appointment with one of our doctors or nurses.

Everything you share with us is confidential. That means we won’t repeat anything you tell us (including telling your parents), unless you, or someone you know, is in danger.

The doctors and nurses can give you advice on various methods of contraception, and help you decide which method is best for you. We can also provide you with emergency contraception (pills to help prevent pregnancy if you’ve had unprotected sex). We can give you the tablets for up to 5 days after sex, but the sooner they’re taken the better, so when you call or come in to make an appointment, please ask for one on the same day – you don’t have to tell the receptionist what the appointment is for.

We’re happy to give you advice about anything that’s worrying you. This includes sexually transmitted diseases, drugs, alcohol, or if you are feeling down or anxious. If we can’t help you here, then we should be able to tell you who can.

For contraceptive advice you can go to Caledonian Youth at 5 Castle Terrace, 0131 229 3596, or to the Dean Terrace Family Planning Clinic on 0131 332 7941. If you have concerns about STIs, then there is the RIE GUM clinic at Lauriston Place, 0131 536 2104 for women, and 0131 536 2103 for men.