Request a Repeat Prescription


What is a Repeat Prescription?

A Repeat Prescription is one where your GP has authorised repeat issues of medication in your medical record which is valid until your next annual birthday review check is due.

Prescriptions Generally

The Practice is not a dispensing practice and you must take prescriptions to a Pharmacist unless it is more convenient for you to have them picked up by one of the pharmacies that have a daily collection of prescriptions from the Practice.

In an emergency

For repeat medications, some pharmacists may issue a short supply of your prescription. This is at the discretion of the pharmacist, and you must renew your prescription as soon as possible, to ensure you always have medication on hand.


Simply fill in the form at the foot of this page and your request will be submitted to the practice electronically.

By hand

You should simply tick the items you need on the counterfoil of your last prescription. There is no need for an accompanying letter and, if you are bringing your request to reception, we prefer that you do not use an envelope.
If the top left corner of your counterfoil doesn’t mention your preferred collection point, or if you would like to change its usual destination, please write where you would like to collect your prescription in the top right corner of your counterfoil.
Please be aware, if you use the latter method, this may add an additional 24 hours to the turn around time as some pharmacies only collect their batch of prescriptions from us once a day.

If you do not have your counterfoil, simply write your name, address, date of birth and a list of the required medication on a piece of paper. If you wish, you may fax your request to us on 229 4330. Please note that the staff have been instructed by the doctors not to accept telephone requests in order to ensure mistakes are not made.

You should ask for your repeat medication well in advance of needing it. Please ask for everything you will need during the next month as it will be easier for us than dealing with several prescriptions for one individual during the course of a month. Please remember that we deal with a large number of prescription requests every day and it is difficult for the staff and the doctors to process last minute urgent requests.

If you are consulting a doctor

He or she will be happy to give you your repeat prescription at your consultation. Please do not, however, request prescriptions for other members of your family at your consultation. These should be requested in the normal way.

Prescription collection

Your prescription will be kept here for collection and will only be posted if you have supplied a stamped addressed envelope. If you are using the postal service to send your request and receive your prescription back, we suggest you allow seven days.

Notice Period

Prescription requests take up to two full working days to process (see notice period table below). If requesting this through a pharmacy, the timescale may take a further 24 hours to achieve, dependent on the pharmacy pick-up schedule. The time we take to prepare your prescription allows your doctor adequate time to review your medication, where appropriate. We believe this system ensures a high standard of care. Please avoid asking our staff to process your request any quicker.

How the notice period for a repeat prescription works

Request received at the practice
Prescription normally ready for collection by
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Monday
Friday Tuesday
Sat/Sun Wednesday

Please allow a full 48 hours for us to process your prescription. Meaning if you submit the request near the end of the day, please leave it until near the end of the day, two working days later, to collect.

Request form

Please use this form to order authorised repeat prescriptions (i.e. when your medication has been reviewed by a GP within in the last year – this normally takes place around your birthday month).

Please note that repeat prescriptions are for a predetermined quantity that can not be changed by the administrative staff. If you believe you need a different quantity please contact your usual GP during practice Speaking Time. With the exception of the contraceptive pill, NHS Scotland normally only issues supplies of up to 8 weeks at a time.

Any requests will take a little longer around a public holiday where the Practice is closed.

The next such public holiday will be on the May Day holiday – Mon 6th May

Please remember medication should be reviewed at least once a year.

Your Name (required)
Your Date of Birth [dd/mm/yyyy] (required)
Your Email (required)
Please give all drug names you require, in full. You should only use this form if you are requesting medicines that are on your repeat medication re-order form (on the counterfoil of your last prescription). If you need something that is not on this form you will need to speak to your usual GP.
# Drug name: Strength (e.g. 20mg) Quantity (if known)
Additional drugs/information (use for more medications if exceeding 8)
I will collect my prescription(s) from:
My usual GP is: