Register as a New Patient


As Bruntsfield is a large Practice, with a heavy registrations demand, we have to manage the number of registrations we can do a week, which will change depending on recent patient turnover rates and staffing levels.

The new registrations list is opened each Tuesday at 11am.

Please call the Practice on 0131 228 6081 after that time to express your interest in registering with the Practice (due to COVID-19 restrictions we ask that you DO NOT turn up in person asking to register).

If we have registration slots remaining, our Patient Services Adviser will check to ensure you live within our catchment area and then ask for your name, contact details, and how many people in your household wish to register.

At that time they will attempt to transfer your call to our Registrations Officer who will arrange to send you the various forms we need filled in to finalise your registration (our first option would be to email you the required forms, so please make sure you mention if you don’t have a printer available so we can arrange alternative means).

If your call can’t be transferred at that time, don’t worry you won’t lose your slot – that is assured. Our Registrations Officer will call you back within 2 working days (depending on when you contact us to express interest in registering, as we generally can’t process registrations on a Monday or a Wednesday).

Once the weekly allocation of registration slots have been filled then you have a couple of options:

  • Search the NHSInform website for other Practices in your area
  • Try again the following Tuesday from 11am.

In the meantime please note that the following categories of patients can be registered without restriction.

  • Family members of those already registered, providing they reside at the same address. This includes elderly members of the family joining permanently.
  • New births of current patients
  • Patients who were previously registered and are returning within the Practice boundary
  • Patients resident at Chamberlain Nursing Home
  • Patients allocated by the Primary Care Organisation (PCO).

Temporary Residents (individuals who are in the Practice area for less than 3 months) and patients requiring to be seen on-the-day in an ‘Immediately Necessary’ basis will also be seen as necessary.


To register, you will need to fill in a registration form, which you will get as part of a registration pack from our Registrations Officer. You will also need to complete the relevant health questionnaire which is also included in the pack.

Please be thorough and complete all sections in the registration forms, as unfortunately we are unable to process incomplete forms, and this may delay your registration. Your application will be processed usually within two working days, depending on when we receive it.

Given the demand for places on the Practice list, to be fair to all, we require patients to provide a form of identification and proof that their address is within the Practice’s designated boundary. Anyone wishing to register who is unable or unwilling to provide this information should contact the Registrations Offer on 0131 228 6081 for advice and assistance.

Preferred forms of Identification

  • Passport/Residence Permit
  • Photographic Driving Licence
  • UK Bus Pass with photo

Preferred forms of Proof of address

  • Council Tax bill – with name of prospective person registering and the current address
  • Utility bill – with name of prospective person registering and the current address


Any visitor or persons temporarily residing the Bruntsfield area who require access to GP / Primary Care Services should contact the Practice by telephone in the first instance where advice and assistance will be provided dependent on the individuals needs and degree of urgency. Patients will be offered appointments in accordance with availability which may be some days later and in line with patients already registered at the Practice.

Once registered, you will be registered with the Practice as a whole rather than a specific doctor, but you have a right to ask to see a particular doctor, if you wish. If you have a requirement for a prescription then you should arrange an appointment with a doctor of your choice to discuss your ongoing care.

We do not exclude patients from the Practice on grounds of race, sexuality, religion, social class, age, disability or medical condition.