Get Telephone Advice


During consultations, interruptions are upsetting for the doctor, nurse and for patients, so the reception staff have been instructed not to put telephone calls through during surgery sessions.

Instead, we have a number of telephone appointments available to book every day from 9am. These telephone consultations are to be used to discuss:

  • ongoing issues
  • test results feedback and next steps
  • medication reviews
  • progress of existing treatments

These appointments should NOT be used for:

  • new conditions
  • anything that would require a physical exam

To book one of these appointments, you should call the Practice sometime between 9am – 9.30am any weekday morning. Provided we have appointments remaining, you will be given a 30-45 minute window within which you should expect to be called back by the GP.

Most of these appointments are scheduled in the morning around the 10 – 11am period with a smaller number available in the afternoon around 2 – 3pm. The number and timing of appointments will depend on which of the GPs is consulting each day, but the Patient Services Adviser will let you know the timing of your specific appointment at the time of booking.

If you don’t answer your phone, for whatever reason, this will be considered a ‘missed appointment’ and you will need to call the Practice back the next morning between 9am to 9.30am to reschedule a new telephone appointment for another time.