Apr 212022

While the use of face coverings and face masks are no longer a legal requirement in Scotland, in line with NHS Lothian Guidance we are asking our patients to please still wear a covering or mask over your face when attending the Practice (unless exempt). If you do not have your own mask then you can request one when you arrive.

Our clinical staff are continuing to wear masks during all face to face appointments, and our office staff wear masks when away from their own desks.

NHS Lothian is reviewing the use of masks on at least a monthly basis while continuing to monitor infections rates as well as current government and public health policies.

If the NHS advice on face coverings and masks changes we will keep our patients informed.

Thank you for helping us keep infections rates down within the practice.

Feb 152022

GP Practices are open

Since the pandemic, health services must operate differently to protect everyone. It is important to maintain safe infection control and minimise unnecessary physical contact where possible. This means there are now more ways for you to access care.

What has changed?

All appointments are being triaged. This helps keep you safe and makes sure that those who need to be seen in person are prioritised. We will see everyone in person who needs to be seen.

What is triage?

This is an assessment to decide, with your agreement, whether it is best for you to be:

  • seen in person, or  
  • given advice over the phone or via video consultation, or
  • helped by another healthcare provider such as a Community Pharmacist, Physiotherapist, Dentist or Optician.

Why do Receptionists ask questions?

GP reception staff are a vital part of the health care team and are there to triage enquiries. 

You don’t have to tell them anything that makes you feel uncomfortable; however, they can help you get the most appropriate appointment as quickly as possible. All of the information they handle is treated confidentially.

I wanted to see my GP, so why am I seeing someone else?

Our Practice Team is supported by GPs, an Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioners, Pharmacists and a Link Worker as well as our Practice Nurses. By using the skills of each team member we can ensure that you are assessed as quickly as possible by the right person. We may also suggest that you are seen by professionals out with the practice e.g. Community Optometrists for acute eye problems.

What about emergencies?

Always dial 999 in a life-threatening emergency.

If you need help with minor injuries or urgent care when your GP practice is closed dial NHS 24 on 111.

Where else can I get help?

Visit www.nhsinform.scot for advice on common symptoms and a list of local services or speak to your pharmacist first for advice on minor illnesses.

Call 111:

  • for minor injuries
  • for urgent mental health advice and guidance
  • if you’re too ill to wait for your GP or dentist to open.

Please be patient

Our health services are under enormous pressure, but we are open and here if needed. Please work together with us to make sure you get the right care, in the right place, at the right time by the appropriate health professional for your needs.

How you can help us to reduce footfall into the practice and keep everyone as safe as possible

  1. Please make contact by phone and do not come into the practice uninvited.
  2. Please do not arrive early for appointments to avoid waiting room congestion.
  3. Observe 1m distancing at all times.
  4. Accept us sending you medical certificates and letters etc. rather than picking up from Reception.
  5. Advise us of a Pharmacy to send your prescriptions.
  6. Drop off prescription requests in the post box provided in the foyer or liaise with your Pharmacist if not able to order online.
  7. Drop off communication from the hospital in the post box provided in the foyer.
  8. Samples can be dropped off in the “sample bin” provided in the foyer if requested to do so.
  9. Make sure that if you have possible symptoms of COVID you request a PCR test before contacting the practice (more accurate than lateral flow tests).
Sep 302021

We successfully initiated the first stage of migrating our telephone system “to the cloud” yesterday morning.

We plan to fully implement the next stage of the migration of our telephone system when it goes live at 08:00 on Friday morning (1st October).

This will mean that we have the capacity to advise you where you are in the queue when you ring and be able to keep you informed as you wait.

This will be just the initial step in introducing the new system and we will continue to improve and develop how we how we use the system to communicate more effectively with our patients.

Please note that between 08:00 and 09:00 the telephone lines are dedicated to patients requiring an appointment or who have an urgent query. We encourage any other queries to wait until after 09:00. If requesting a result we ask that you wait until after 14:00.

We hope that the new system will ultimately be a much better patient experience than it is currently and that it will prove to be a much more positive experience for both patients and staff.

In the meantime, thank you for your patience as we endeavour to develop and improve the system further. We will keep you updated as the system is progresses.

Sep 292021

We are currently working on an update to our telephone system for the benefit of our patients .  It is hoped we will be starting the initial stages of the update today between 12:00 and 13:00. 

No disruption to the telephone service is expected, but in preparation we felt we should forewarn you that it is happening in the event any difficulties are encountered.  We would therefore value your continued patience as we try and improve the service we are providing.

We will of course update you further in due course. Thank you in the meantime for your patience.

Sep 242021

Further to our previous news items on this topic, please be advised that Forbes Road will once again be closed to allow the roadworks started last month to be finished.

The roadworks will be carried by Edinburgh Council out over 10 days between Wed 29th September to Friday 8th October.

There will be no access for any cars on to the road during that time. Please plan any attendance you have to the Practice accordingly.

Aug 132021

Further to our news post last week, the resurfacing work on Forbes Road was started on Monday 9th, but paused when they found a material which is a safety hazard for the workmen working on the road. 

Please note, this does not pose a potential threat to the residents or any one else.

The road will be left as is, with half the surface dug up and open, and so we ask that any patients driving to the Practice please take care. All cones etc will be removed with the exception of the signs warning of the “open road”. Notices advising of the work will be removed and put back up when it is known when the roadworks will commence, and we will advise further on the website.

Mar 092021

Normal procedure in the Practice is for patients with certain specific long term conditions (such as asthma or COPD, heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, epilepsy etc.) to receive an invite from the practice to make a review appointment with one of our Practice Nursing Team, usually around their birthday (so that the invites are spread throughout the year).

These invites were delayed at the start of the pandemic, which we later caught up with, but they have been delayed again recently due to the amount of work we needed to put into the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

We are in a time between the administering of dose 1 and dose 2 for those patients who are receiving the vaccine from the Practice and we are again trying to catch up with some of the backlog while we can.

So if you are used to having received your invite letter or text by now, please know that we haven’t forgotten you, and we will try to get to everyone as soon as we can.

In the meantime, as ever, if you are experiencing worsening symptoms or have other concerns outside your birthday month review please call the practice from 8am to book a telephone review with your GP or PN to discuss them.

Oct 012020

To protect patients and staff since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak we’ve had patients wait in the foyer when they had to come in for a face-to-face appointment, and check-in over the phone. This was fine as a stop-gap measure, but in the longer term wasn’t an ideal solution.

We have recently had some work done in the building so that we can get the waiting room reopened, especially now that we are in the autumn and the weather is starting to cool.

There is now a glass partition up at the reception desk to allow for some separation between the staff at the desk and the patient coming in to the Practice. There is a microphone and speaker system set up so that communication will still be manageable. There will also be a small hatch so that things can be passed through if someone attends to pick something up from the Practice.

There has also been a temporary wall set up in the waiting room, reducing the size of it somewhat, allowing us to separate off some rooms that we designate as a “Green Zone” where people can work when not seeing patients.

So, from Monday 5th October, if you are attending the Practice for a face-to-face appointment please come in from the foyer to the reception desk to check in.

You will have the option to sit in the waiting room, but if you prefer a space with more air flow you are still welcome to sit in the foyer, and some seating will still be available there to facilitate this, or even outside the building if you want. Please make sure to tell reception if you plan to wait outside, however, so that they can inform your nurse of GP where to collect you when they are ready.

You can also come in to the reception desk if you have been informed there is something for you to collect from us, but for safety we still need to keep footfall to a minimum so ask that you still do not approach the reception desk for the following reasons:

  • Booking an appointment/asking general questions – please keep doing this over the phone
  • Picking up a prescription – please let us know your usual pharmacy when you request your repeat prescription and pick it up from them
  • Dropping off letters/other documents – there will be a box in the foyer for you to leave any paperwork
  • Asking to register as a new patient – this is being done firstly over the phone, with the paperwork being mostly electronic

We’re hoping the new changes will make things easier, but please be patient with us as we all get used to the differences and work out the kinks.

Sep 032020

The Practice had to unfortunately severely restrict new patient registrations recently to allow us time to work through a large backlog of requests. That work is almost complete so we are rolling out a new registrations process from Tuesday 22nd September 2020

We are pretty much at capacity in terms of our patient numbers, so we will be releasing a set number of registration slots each week on a Tuesday at 11am, dependent on recent patient turnover.

Please note that initial contact regarding registrations should be over the phone (due to COVID-19 restrictions please DO NOT attend the Practice in person regarding registrations) where someone will take your details, and we will arrange to get the registration forms to you.

To find out more about how the process will work, please read our Registrations page.

Aug 122020

Our telecoms provider has managed to divert our phones to a separate line while they work on the problems we are currently experiencing, so we can now receive calls.

Please be aware that we only have the one line available, so the number of calls we can deal with is greatly reduced.

If your phone call can wait until later we would appreciate it if you try calling this afternoon instead.

Again, we apologise for this inconvenience and hope to be back to normal working soon.

EDIT: Just before noon, and we do now have all our phones lines back, but please be aware that call connection appears to be a little unstable and some calls are randomly being dropped.

This appears to be a widespread issue around the Edinburgh area with BT broadband (and internet phone calling) due to the recent storms.

Aug 122020

We are experiencing problems with our phone system this morning, so no external calls are currently able to get through to us.

We are in touch with out telecoms provider to get the issue fixed, but we don’t have a timescale for that at the moment.

We will keep the website updated with developments if the phones aren’t back up soon.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

Mar 132020

For the most up-to-date advice about COVID please visit our static advice page on the outbreak.

It is essential that we do everything we can to minimise the risk of COVID exposure to patients and staff at the practice.

To do this the GPs need to consult by telephone as far as possible, unless it is essential that a patient has to be seen in the practice, for example if they require an examination or test.

The Patient Service Advisers will therefore ask you when you ring what you are calling about and the default appointment will be a telephone contact.

We may very soon have to move to telephone consultations only as it gets more difficult to remain in the containment of the virus.

The latest advice from the government as of today is as follows:

  • If you have symptoms of fever, cough or new shortness of breath STAY AT HOME and self care while you are unwell.
  • You should not contact your GP unless you feel significantly unwell.
  • Patients will not be routinely tested for coronavirus COVID 19 – and this can not be undertaken in GP practices.

This most up to date advice on self management is available of the Public Health England website:


The NHS Inform and Health Protection Scotland websites are still being updated to incorporate the latest national advice. Please refer to these websites and the practice regularly for updates – including changes to local services.

We would also appreciate patients arranging to pick up their prescription directly from one of the Pharmacies that pick up authorised prescriptions from the practice. This can be done by advising us of your preferred Pharmacy when ordering repeat medication. This is best done online to reduce the number of visitors to the practice – if you can not order online please indicate your preferred Pharmacy at the top right hand corner of your prescription counterfoil.

Thank you for helping us to help you.

Dec 102019

If you are on a repeat medication, please make sure you have enough to last you over the Christmas and New Year period.

The Practice is closed all day on Wed 25th and Thu 26th December 2019, and then again on Wed 1st and Thu 2nd January 2020 (Extended Open Surgeries are being held on Tue 24th December and Fri 3rd January to help compensate for the increased number of people who will need to be seen before and following the holidays).

Around this time we will also be short staffed due to holiday leave and trying to prepare for, and then catch up from, the public holidays.

So please don’t leave things until the last minute – prepare today.

For further advice on this subject, and more on being health-wise and prepared over winter you can visit the NHSInform website:


Oct 252019

As many of you will have seen, especially with the Scottish Government press release on 22nd October, there are currently delays in being able to provide the intranasal flu vaccine for children this year.

The delay is happening UK wide and is happening at the manufacturing level.

Scotland’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Gregor Smith said:

“We have been exploring how to best use the available stock based on evidence and clinical advice, and I have written to Health Protection Scotland and NHS Board Coordinators asking them to prioritise children with eligible health conditions and the two to five-year-old programme, similar to other parts of the UK.

“The school vaccination programme is currently continuing as normal. However, should there be the expected disruption to supply, it could lead to vaccinations in some primary schools being rescheduled.

“NHS Board areas are currently working to do that based on the projections we are receiving on the revised delivery schedule. Whilst this is unfortunate, it is completely outwith our control and we would continue to urge eligible people to be vaccinated as we know this is the best way to protect against the flu.

“This does not impact the adult flu programme.”

All General Practices have been directed to prioritise the small supply of intranasal vaccine that has so far been delivered to those children with eligible health conditions, such as respiratory disease, heart disease, diabetes, etc. We are attempting to contact those families at the moment.

At present we don’t know when the next supply of vaccine will be made available to us, but provided there are no more problems current projections indicate it could be sometime mid-late November.

We understand and share the frustration of all families registered with us at this situation and ask for your patience and understanding when we have to disappoint those trying to phone to book an appointment for their child to be vaccinated. Our Patient Services team have been given strict guidelines they have to follow with who they are allowed to book in. These guidelines have been passed down from the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland, and approved by the clinical team here at the Practice.

At the moment we ask families with children WITHOUT eligible health conditions NOT to phone in asking if appointments are available, but instead to keep an eye on this website. As soon as we get a larger supply of the intranasal vaccine, and we have appointments available to book, we will post a news article to let families know.

Thank you again for your understanding during this frustrating situation.