Dec 302020

As previously advised General Practice will be responsible for immunising their mobile patients aged 80 and over as soon as the vaccine is available.

We have heard in the news today that the Oxford Astra Zeneca COVID vaccine has now been approved for use in the UK by regulators. Supplies have not yet been distributed to practices.

As soon as we have the vaccine and all the necessary information to hand we will be in touch with eligible patients to arrange an appointment.

In the meantime your patience would be appreciated whilst the necessary infrastructure is put in place to allow us to administer the vaccine as quickly as is possible.

Arrangements will also be made for a Community Nurse to immunise housebound patients as was arranged for the Flu Immunisation Programme.

Vaccination of Nursing Home residents is being done on a priority basis and organised by the Health Board.

The Health Board will also arrange to immunise all other eligible age and at risk groups at central locations outwith the Practice, in a phased manner, in due course.

We will update the website further as soon as we have further information to hand.