Mar 132020

For the most up-to-date advice about COVID please visit our static advice page on the outbreak.

It is essential that we do everything we can to minimise the risk of COVID exposure to patients and staff at the practice.

To do this the GPs need to consult by telephone as far as possible, unless it is essential that a patient has to be seen in the practice, for example if they require an examination or test.

The Patient Service Advisers will therefore ask you when you ring what you are calling about and the default appointment will be a telephone contact.

We may very soon have to move to telephone consultations only as it gets more difficult to remain in the containment of the virus.

The latest advice from the government as of today is as follows:

  • If you have symptoms of fever, cough or new shortness of breath STAY AT HOME and self care while you are unwell.
  • You should not contact your GP unless you feel significantly unwell.
  • Patients will not be routinely tested for coronavirus COVID 19 – and this can not be undertaken in GP practices.

This most up to date advice on self management is available of the Public Health England website:

The NHS Inform and Health Protection Scotland websites are still being updated to incorporate the latest national advice. Please refer to these websites and the practice regularly for updates – including changes to local services.

We would also appreciate patients arranging to pick up their prescription directly from one of the Pharmacies that pick up authorised prescriptions from the practice. This can be done by advising us of your preferred Pharmacy when ordering repeat medication. This is best done online to reduce the number of visitors to the practice – if you can not order online please indicate your preferred Pharmacy at the top right hand corner of your prescription counterfoil.

Thank you for helping us to help you.