Community Psychiatric Nurse


Patients may see Karen Kirk, our attached Community Psychiatric Nurse, by appointment following referral by a GP. The CPN provides assessment, evidence-based psychological and behavioural therapies for adults (ages 18-64 years) with depression, anxiety and other common mental illnesses. We find that patients appreciate being seen in their own practice. Karen is however part of our Primary Care Community Mental Health Team and has access to advice from other team members (see leaflet linked below).

Further information on all aspects of mental health and wellbeing in the Edinburgh area, and a range of free self help resources, can be found on the Edspace website. Stress Control classes are also available for people wanting to learn how to control stress more effectively (see Stress Control information leaflet below). These classes are held at different city wide locations throughout the year and access is just by self referral.

The CPN direct telephone number (with answer machine) is 228 7501.

Primary Care Mental Health Liaison Forum Stress Control Classes Information Leaflet

Karen Kirk also wrote an excellent article on coping with stress, anxiety and low mood, which you can access here: Managing Stress, Mild Anxiety, and Low Mood Symptoms

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