Jan 092019

From the first week of February 2019, we will be doing away with the longstanding 10.40-11am ‘Speaking Time’.

This was the time that was traditionally set aside where patients could phone the Practice and speak to one of the GPs about an issue that didn’t necessarily need a face-to-face consultation.

More and more this service has not met the needs of our patients, with an increasing volume of calls but a limited availability of GPs.

To replace this old service we are offering daily telephone consultations slots with each of the GPs who are in that day.

These slots will be available to book by calling the Practice between 9am and 10.30am each morning.

You will be given a 30 to 45 minute window by the Patient Services Adviser, during which you should make sure you are available by your phone for the GP to call you.

If you don’t answer the call, for whatever reason, this will be considered a ‘missed appointment’ and you will need to call the Practice back to re-schedule a new telephone appointment for another day/time.

The telephone consultations are expected to last around 5 minutes, and are to be used to discuss ongoing issues such as test results feedback, reviewing medication or updating on the progress of existing treatment.

These appointments are NOT intended for discussion of new or emerging ailments, or anything where the GP is likely to have to examine you. For these you should make a normal face-to-face appointment.

We hope this new service will better meet the needs of our patients, but as with any service change we implement we will be monitoring how effective it is and will keep our patients informed of any further changes.