Jul 252018

From 2pm on Tuesday the 7th of August until Friday the 10th of August 2018, the Practice will be running a very limited service to patients due to work being carried out on our IT infrastructure.

What does this mean for you

GP Appointments – During the above period the Practice will only be able to deal with emergencies given we will have no access to medical records / histories;

Nurse Appointments – Nurses will also only be able to see urgent cases such as significant dressing changes. Blood test appointments will be available to book in advance; however, the service will be limited to those assessed to be more urgent;

Prescriptions – Only the most clinically urgent prescriptions will processed during the above period. Where a patient is likely to run out of prescribed medication during the above period, they must submit a repeat prescription request by 6pm on Friday the 3rd of August. In certain circumstances, Pharmacies may be able to provide an interim supply where patients are suffering from acute / chronic conditions on a case-by-case basis.

How will this work

Patients seeking an emergency appointment with a GP or nurse during the above period, should telephone the Practice where they will first and foremost be asked by Reception Staff to provide a brief outline of their issue and a rationale as to why they believe the matter to be an emergency. This will be documented and passed to a GP who will triage all requests. This may result in a GP calling the patient for more information before deciding how the matter will be progressed.

Patients are respectfully asked to keep contact with the Practice to a minimum during the above period. The complete loss of IT means we cannot progress routine enquiries such as booking / changing appointments or completing routine medical reports etc.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause patients.