Medical Fees


Some services you may require are not covered by the National Health Service and a charge will be made for those as recommended by the British Medical Association. They include BUPA and other private insurance forms, private medical certificates and examinations for sports, education, driving or employment. Our Travel Nurse also provides a travel advice and vaccination service. A list of fees is displayed below.

If you need to book a medical examination, please tell the receptionist, since a longer time may be needed for such examinations.


Holiday Insurance Claim / Cancellation Claim £49.00
Private Sick Note / Letter £19.00
Fit to Fly / Travel Letter
(please note that the Midwife can administer for pregnant patients free of charge)
Statement of fitness to exercise at a health club / participate in sports
(see fees below if a detailed report of medical examination is required)
Private Health Care Insurance Forms (e.g. BUPA & PPP) £49.00
Countersigning driving licence application
(we would encourage registered patients to go elsewhere for this service, as it limits our appointment availability)
Power of Attorney and Legal Guardianship forms
(the practice would encourage you to have these forms countersigned by a solicitor. While we can confirm you are competent to sign the form, we are not experts in the legal implications of your decision and this advice is best given by a solicitor)
£137.00 minimum
thereafter pro rata as per feed below for medical reports


Pro-rata fee per hour £303.00
10 minutes £51.00
20 minutes £101.00
30 minutes £152.00
40 minutes £202.00
50 minutes £252.00


(Patients Not Normally resident in the UK & without non-reciprocal agreement)
Private Prescription
(for drugs required for travel abroad and in support of private treatment)
Single Consultation (Doctor / Nurse) – First Appointment£100.00
Single Consultation (Doctor / Nurse) – Review Appointment£58.00
Home Visit £179.00
Private Blood Tests As per NHS lab fee & “Review” consultation with Nurse


Jury Duty Exemption Letter Free of Charge
NHS prescription sent back via Royal Mail £1


(A Subject Access Request form to be completed)
Copies of computerised and/or manual records
(please be aware there is a 30-day turnaround period for all subject access requests)
Free of Charge