Working Health Services Lothian


Is this you…?

  • Off work because of a health problem or incapacity?
  • Struggling at work because of your health?
  • No access to occupational health through your work/company?
  • Would like to get advice, support & treatment to help you stay at work or get back to work?

Working Health Services is delivered by the NHS and offers access to a specialist workplace team of health professionals who offer a range of services including physiotherapy, counselling, and occupational therapy.

To be eligible for Working Health Services you must:

a) be self employed or work for a small to medium organisation (less than 250 employees)
b) live in and/or work in Lothian.
c) be struggling at work or off with a short term absence (no longer than 3 weeks)

NHS Lothian Working Health Services is here today to help you with health and work problems. Free and confidential. Ask your GP to make a referral through SCI Gateway (AAH-Rehab-Vocational Rehabilitation) or self-refer by calling them on 0131 537 9579, Monday to Friday, 9am–5pm.
For further information, check out the NHS Lothian website at Working Health Services, or the NHS Scotland national website at Healthy Working Lives.

Or you can read the leaflet linked below:
Working Healthy Lives Leaflet

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