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    Home Blood Pressure Readings
    Please use the upload field below if you wish to send us an electronic version of your home bp readings:
    Please only use the forms provided below to send us your home blood pressure readings
    Who is your usual GP?

    Blank BP Home Reading forms:
    Word version (.doc) Adobe version (.pdf)

    If you have a Blood Pressure monitor at home, or if you have received one from the Practice, you can use these forms to send the Practice your home readings. This can be done in two ways:

    1) BY HAND

    • Open the form by clicking on one of the versions above and print it out
    • You can write your blood pressure readings on the form by hand for the 7 days
    • Deliver your completed form to the Practice by Royal Mail, or in person through the mail slot
    • Remember to mark it for the attention of your usual GP or Practice Nurse.


    • Open the Microsoft Word version of the form above, and save the file locally to your computer
    • Type your blood pressure readings into the document over the 7 days, remembering to save it each time you add a new reading
    • Once the form is completed, click on the “Choose File” button in the contact form above, and browse to where you have saved the Home BP form on your computer to attach it to the contact form
    • Remember to choose the name of your Usual GP from the drop-down box just below the “Choose File” option to ensure your readings are reviewed by the appropriate doctor

    Please read the instructions at the bottom of the second page of the Home BP form carefully before starting to take your blood pressure, and make sure the sheets are clearly labeled with your name and the dates of your readings.