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  1. Can I obtain NHS hearing aid batteries from this practice?

  2. Message for the Health Visitors in the practice. If you have any less able patients who will be struggling because of Coronavirus, to get shopping, in the Bruntsfield area- please get in touch with me. I’m happy to help.

    • Good morning.

      Thank you for your comment – it is an incredibly kind offer to make, unfortunately we’re not in a position where we would be able to act as a middleman as such for this kind of offer. We are already short staffed and stuggling administratively, and there are a lot of confidentiality considerations.

      Perhaps Social Work Direct could point you in the right direction of how to help in the community.

      Many thanks.

  3. There are some of us in the local community that are seeking to organise volunteer groups in order to help provide supplies to those who are forced to self-isolate, and also to those who, due to underlying conditions, are limiting contact with others.

    Given the pressures that healthcare staff already have to deal with, and may have to handle with the virus, it would be unreasonably to expect them to handle the admin work related to coordinating such groups.

    However, many of the people who might need help might not be fully fluent in social media and other ways in which such help might be obtained, and might also not wish to broadcast their condition, details or vulnerability on public forums.
    As such, would it be possible or acceptable for practices to liaise with local volunteer groups and help people who are self-isolating to get access to needed assistance?

    • That’s an amazing initiative and a worthwhile endeavour, but unfortunately there would be minimal input that we could give I’m afraid.

      We are already short staffed due to the current outbreak and have no administrative time available to help facilitate such an undertaking.

      As well as that there are a lot of confidentiality considerations to make that would make it at best problematic to help.

      But thank you for your comment and good luck.

  4. I had my routine asthma review with Angie recently . I found her so pleasant, friendly and very professional. I came away feeling confident and relaxed about my asthma management. Thank you so much !

  5. Had a blood test a few days ago, and just wanted to say how lovely the nurse Siobhan was. I’m a bit nervous with needles but she was really friendly and patient, and it put me in a good mood for the morning! Joined the practice very recently but I am very satisfied so far.
    Thank you.

  6. Dear Medical Practice,
    This is not a complaint – far from it – but a suggestion. I attended the practice last Friday. Forgive me if I’m totally wrong, but I looked around the entrance area and found no anti- bacterial hand gel dispenser. I wonder if it would be sensible, not only regarding the current named virus, but generally, as a means to prevent infection ( I’m just off to my gym where there are several such dispensers).
    Kindest regards,
    Philip Mackenzie

    • Thank you for taking the time to make your valued suggestion regarding hand sanitisation. It is a subject that has been raised previously and has been given due consideration by the Partners and Practice Management. At present neither the World Health Organisation nor Health Protection Scotland recommend providing alcohol based hand sanitisers at the entrance to GP practices.

      One of the GPs at the practice has estimated this would cost NHS Scotland at least £2 million pounds per year – for this degree of expenditure there is the need to demonstrate a clear health benefit, and presently there is no evidence that this would help curtail the spread of infectious diseases.

      With respect to the coronavirus the most important measure that individuals can undertake, if they suspect they may have the infection, is to self isolate and contact health services by phone.

      Clearly the coronavirus is an emerging problem and the advice regarding infection control measures may change in the future.

      In closing may I once again thank you for your suggestion, all comments from the public are welcomed by the staff at Bruntsfield

  7. Have been calling to get an appointment this morning since five past eight. The call has connected many times however no one picked up the call; I was a confused and disappointed by this as I thought that I would be able to book an appointment once my call had connected – I was wandering if you could please explain?

    Many thanks,

    • Sorry meant 7:55 not 8:05!

    • Thanks for your comments. I’m sorry you had trouble getting through to us on the phone this morning, and there are a couple of points to go through to explain:

      First of all, our Practice doesn’t open until 8am, so no matter what you wouldn’t have got through to anybody at the Practice until that point. Usually there is an automated message that plays outside of that time informing anyone who calls of our opening hours and who else to call if it is an emergency. Unfortunately this morning was a little different, and that takes me to the second point.

      There was a fault on our phone lines first thing this morning. We’ve asked our telecoms provider to look into it, but we don’t know exactly what or why it happened at this point. We’re also not sure when it started, but we do know that it resolved around 08:10, which was when phone calls from patients started coming through to us to answer. If it started a bit earlier in the morning then that would explain why you didn’t get our normal message at 07:55, and why it seemed like the call connected at your end, but never actually got through to us.

      I know that trying to get through to the Practice first thing in the morning can be frustrating as it is exceptionally busy at that time, and even on a normal day with no phone faults it can take a long time before you get through. I can only apologise for the added frustration you had this morning and say that we shared your feelings, knowing there were patients trying to get through to us, and we couldn’t do anything about it.

      We will continue to try to get answers and reassurance from our telecoms company that this won’t happen again.

  8. I just wanted to get in touch with you regarding an early appointment I had on Thursday 7 November.  I was greeted by Angela and just wanted to let you know how welcoming, friendly and professional she was.  She made me feel comfortable and relaxed and took the time to run over a few things with me.  In addition to the matter I was attending for she suggested we do a quick weight, health questions, blood pressure test which is relevant to my ongoing prescription which means I will be able to renew online without having to schedule another appointment.  She is a great member of your team.

  9. Very impressed with your organisation of the flu injections this morning. Well done!

  10. Dear Practice Manager,
    Please, please can you reform the booking system, it is not particularly user-friendly, and on occasions quite stressful to navigate.
    It is often difficult to book an advance appointment. For instance, I called today to make an appointment for my child and was told that there were no openings until 8th July ~2weeks. Instead I have to call first thing, when I may (or may not) be able to book an appointment that is out of school hours.
    I observe from other comments that my frustration is not unique. I would be very grateful if the system could be tweaked to make it easier to book appointments.

    • Thank you for highlighting the difficulty and frustration you are experiencing in making an appointment for your child.

      I am sorry that you have not found it feasible to book a future appointment at a convenient time.

      We do review our appointment system and are monitoring the situation on an ongoing basis. We do try to ensure we have adequate appointments each day for patients who require to be seen on the day as well as book appointments ahead. It is difficult trying to find the appropriate balance and we are doing what we can to achieve this. In addition to ensuring there are appointments available daily it is also necessary for the Emergency Doctor to follow up patients who require immediate assessment.

      Ideally, you should be able to book an appointment in advance but if the matter is more urgent then it is recognised that it may be necessary to ring on the day for an available appointment or an Open Surgery appointment. Booked appointments are available at various times in the day and the open surgery is scheduled at either 11:15 or 11:30. We do also provide a late surgery on a Thursday from 6 pm for those unable to make it earlier in the day. This can be a helpful alternative provided it is not an emergency appointment as no other services are available at this time should they be required.

      During the summer holiday period it may be more difficult to arrange an appointment and although we do arrange locum doctor cover to assist we recognise this is not always ideal for continuity of care.

      In addition we have telephone appointments available between 10:10–11:00 and sometimes between 14:10–14:30 so that you can speak with a doctor should this be of help in assessing the need for follow-up. These appointments replace our original “phone in time” and can be arranged by ringing the practice after 09:00 each morning.

      If it is known that a follow-up appointment is required following being seen by a GP it is best to arrange as soon as this is known.

      It is also recognised that it is not always necessary to see a GP and we now try and signpost to other appropriate services so that they can help ensure appointments are available for those that require to be seen by a GP. Further information can be seen on our website.

      In due course we hope to introduce the ability for patients to be able to make appointments on line but further developments to our IT systems are awaited in order to allow us to offer this service.

      In the meantime we will continue to monitor the service we are providing so that we can offer the best possible system within the resources available and update our patients accordingly.

      I am sorry that it is not always possible to forward plan an appointment at a convenient time but please be assured we are monitoring our systems and will do our utmost to update our patients via the website and our patient information screen in the practice.

      Please feel free to talk to your usual doctor if appropriate or contact the Patient Services Manager or myself to discuss your concerns further or regarding any other queries.

      Yours sincerely,

      Brenda M Mair
      Business Manager

      • It’s very frustrating NHS Scotland is so far behind NHS England in online handling of appointments, prescriptions an access to records.
        All these great things advertised or in Google searches only to find out it only applies to NHS England.

        • As a user of NHS services in Scotland, I completely agree and feel that NHS Scotland is behind in these matters. As someone who works within the NHS umbrella, I know that there is some work to be done in terms of IT infrastructure and policy before the government could order that these be put in place for all NHS Scotland Boards and Practices. It will happen eventually I think, we just need to give it a little more time.

          As a single medical practice, we have no real say in NHS Scotland policy, but as a user you can of course offer feedback or submit a complaint if you wish to be heard. The NHS Lothian website has a page on how to submit feedback or complaints here:

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