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  1. I was seeking information about the COVID vaccination programme for patients. I was very disappointed to note that the vaccination page on the website has not been updated for 10 days.
    I fully appreciate that everyone at the practice is extremely busy.
    Getting the vaccine could be the difference between life and death for some patients. Surely it would not be difficult to update the website more frequently for such a hugely important topic.

    • Thank you for your comment. I can confirm that we have been updating the website as soon as we have been definatively updated by NHS Scotland and the Lothian Health Board on the current progress of putting together the COVID vaccination programme. This is a huge undertaking which requires a lot of organisation at various levels, and General Practices have been reliant on that organisation being done before we could put our own local plans in place.

      You will be happy to note, however, that we have been in a position to update the website this morning with further information.

  2. It would be really handy to be able to email the practice. It is extremely difficult to speak to someone on the phone, and we are not allowed into the practice to ask simple questions . My repeat prescription has not turned up at the pharmacy and I wanted to forward the request back to the practice again to find out what’s happened – but am unable to do so. I know in the past you have not wanted to do this (though I don’t really understand why) but in these circumstances surely it would help everyone?

    • Thank you for your comment regarding the ability to be able to email the practice re queries as opposed to contacting us by telephone.

      At this present time NHS Lothian who provide our IT services have not been able to introduce an email system that meets the data protection standards to comply with GDPR to allow us to communicate via email as it is not considered a total safe means of communication.

      In addition we would require to have a system in place to ensure all queries were dealt with and important clinical information was not missed.

      With reference to your current query it is feasible to contact the practice and select the option to be put through to the person dealing with prescriptions who would be able to look into the matter. I do recognise at peak times this may be more difficult, particularly between 0800 and 0900 when patients are ringing for an appointment. Generally, however, you should be able to contact the practice to make general enquiries which at present is the only way that we can safely communicate.

      I trust the particular matter you referred to has now been resolved. If not, please contact us so that we can follow up.

      I am sorry we are unable to introduce the system you would ideally like in place at present although I am sure there will be a system we may wish to consider in the not too distant future.

  3. When will you be able to give an indication of how the clinic will handle covid vaccinations for elderly patients?

    • Further to your enquiry regarding when and how we will be implementing the COVID vaccine I unfortunately do not have a finite answer to your query as yet and can advise as follows.

      The initial results reported by Pharmaceutical firms are clearly very encouraging, and this has led to many of you wondering when the COVID vaccine will be available. Unfortunately, this is not yet clear. Firstly, the vaccine has yet to be approved as a safe medicine by the MHRA ( Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency). As of the 24th November our understanding is that none of the Pharmaceutical firms have yet applied for a license as they are still gathering the required safety and effectiveness information. The next stage will be for NHS Scotland to determine how the vaccine will be used. This will depend on the final safety data, effectiveness data and availability of the vaccine. NHS Lothian will then need to implement the NHS Scotland plan. It has not yet been decided whether they will establish a city wide vaccination programme, similar to the flu clinics they ran this year or whether the vaccines will be administered by General Practices. A mixed model is also possible.

      We will retain a section on the website and keep it as up to date as is possible as further information is received.

      I trust this answers your query for now.

      Yours sincerely,

      Brenda Mair
      Business Manager

  4. Wanting to say that over the last 7 difficult and demanding months for the NHS I have continued to have excellent service from the Doctors ( Dr Walls and Dr Cash in particular) ,the Physiotherapist and the staff on Reception. This has been very much appreciated .Regarding the Drive Through Flu Clinic , I attended the clinic at Craiglockhart on 27 September it was very well organised and the whole process only took 15 minutes, many thanks.

    • Thank you so much for your comments. It’s been a very busy and demanding year for the NHS, and it’s easy to feel bogged down by it all. Comments like this help everyone to know that it’s worth it.

      I will make sure to pass your kind words on to the rest of the team.

  5. I understood the flu clinic was due to start at Napier College, Colinton Road on Saturday 26th September
    With patients with a surname of W as mine is required to visit between 4.30 and 5.30 pm which I did but
    Obviously closed or it didn’t take place. It stated not to go any earlier. Can you give any info on this

    • Thank you for your comment. We have had a similar comment from someone else who tried to attend the clinic during the same period on Saturday 26th. They did at least see someone from the clinic there and were told it had “closed early”. We currently have no further information than that as to why, but we have asked the health board for information as this is clearly not acceptable.
      From what we have heard, Sunday’s clinic seems to have gone better, so if you haven’t already I would encourage you to attend one of the other dates.
      I do apologise for your bad experience, but hopefully it can be chalked up to teething problems on the first day the flu programme has been run this way in Edinburgh.

  6. Is there any way I can email the practice? I’m just looking for an update about coil removal which is now 9 months overdue. I know you have lots of people calling and didn’t want to add to the burden. Thanks

    • Unfortunately we’re only accepting emails for specific documents or medical photography at the moment.

      I can confirm that we have started some limited coil removals, prioritising patients trying to get pregnant or where there is an urgent clinical need. We aren’t doing any coil insertions yet through. Drs Boyd and Calvert do have a list of patients due coil procedures and will be calling patients in as soon as they feel it is safe enough and there is sufficient capacity.

      If you have any continued concerns though I would recommend that you call at 8am and book a telephone appointments to talk it through with a GP.

    • I agree it would be useful to be able to privately email the Practice. I have just had a conversation about a potential treatment that the GP was not aware of. A five second Google search later I have a link to a NICE approved treatment but no easy way of sharing that information. It may be of interest to you as health professionals and help others.

      • Thanks for your comment. If you have a one-off situation where you would like to email something in to the Practice you can call us on our usual telephone number, 0131 228 6081, and we will give you a no-reply email address you can use to send it in.

        We don’t allow clinical questions or general enquiries via email, but paperwork, forms, other documents can be emailed in, as long as we are informed in advance as the address isn’t routinely monitored.

  7. If I need to book an appointment, I usually have to try phoning repeatedly, from 8 am on the dot, as the phone is almost always engaged from that time onwards. As you say, you have hundreds of patients registered with the practice. Would it be possible to set up a queuing system? I find it stressful, particularly at this time, to be constantly ringing back, in the hope that there might still be an appointment.

    • Thank you for your comment. I can, however, confirm that we do have a queuing system for our phones, but we only have so many phone lines, so beyond that many people in the queue you get the busy signal.

      We do understand how frustrating it can be when you have difficulty getting through first thing in the morning. We do try to get through as many calls as we can as quickly as possible, but with only so many staff and with demand is as high as it is at the moment there will always be a few who are disappointed. We can only ask that you please keep trying – we are trying our best to let you get through.

  8. I’ve just read the flu vaccination information. This will sound a stupid question but if you’re not a car owner can you attend drive-thru clinic by public transport or are you just ineligible for that option?
    If 1st choice for non-car owners is therefore pharmacy or when attending BMP for another appt options what dates do those start from?

    • It’s not a stupid question at all – I had the same one when I read the information sheet we received from the health board.

      I believe the health board are trying to organise some “walk-through” locations for those without a car, but this is still in the works, so I’m not able to say where or when this will be available. The website article will be updated as soon as we have any further info on that.

      As for the pharmacies, we don’t have dates for when their campaign will begin exactly. Around the same time as the drive-through clinics, because that is around the time the vaccine will be made available, but I imagine each pharmacy will be a little different and your best bet is to call them and ask.

      In the meantime I’ll amend the article to try and make it a little more clear.

      Thanks for your comment.

  9. Can you say when your Winter flu vaccination will start. I noticed new adverts on the bus a few days ago which seemed to suggest they are starting earlier than usual?
    Many Thanks

    • Not as yet I’m afraid. We’re still waiting to hear details from the health board on this year’s plan.

      To take the pressure off practices there is a plan in Edinburgh to centralise the vaccination programme somewhat to various locations around the city depending where you live, with only some vaccinations being administered at the practice, but we don’t know enough specifics yet to share with our patients.

      We expect more information any day now, and we will update the website as soon as we have it.

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