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  1. Can you update the consulting times of doctors and nurses in the “Book an Appointment” section of the website. Your newsletter says Dr Julie Handley has left but is still on there.

  2. I have tried three times to send a repeat prescription and every time it failed and I was asked to try later. It is such a waste of time after filling in all the form to be unsuccessful 3 times.

    • Thank you for your comment. I am aware of the problems the repeat prescription form has caused to some of our patients over the last few weeks, and I so sorry for the frustration I can imagine you must feel.

      The issue is with the new version of reCAPTCHA that was installed recently – it’s meant to filter out spam from genuine requests but it has been too sensitive about what it will allow through.

      I have spent quite a bit of time trying to refine the setup to ensure we receive all the genuine patient requests and it has improved considerably, but obviously not enough. I will continue to investigate and find ways to ensure it works for everyone while still preventing the Practice from being inundated with spam.

      Thank you again for keeping me updated on the issue.

      • K McDonald,

        Re: K McDonald – IT Manager 24 January 2019 at 8:53 am says: “over the last few weeks

        Tried in Chrome, Firefox and Opera day after day – all fail as no “Captcha” box displayed

        Error: “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.”

        One month after you were aware Repeat Prescription request is broken, it still is.

        What are the extra administrative time & costs to practice of processing manual requests?

        What are the extra time & costs to your customers having to deliver, phone/fax or post Repeat Prescription requests?

        Turn Captha Off until problem resolved – you may receive some spam, but your customers will be able to submit their orders in a way that costs you less in time and money.


        • There are no extra costs to the Practice in terms of time or money because whether a request is submitted to the Practice by mail, fax or via the website, they are all processed in the same way.

          The costs to patients had been minimal because it is only a small minority of people who are still affected by the change. Although I can understand the frustration at being one of those few.

          The cost and danger of turning Captcha off would be greater – the last time we did that, within days we were flooded with thousands of spam messages every day. The risk of legitimate requests getting lost amongst them is too great at the moment.

          I can only apologise for this still being an issue after this long and ask for your understanding. Unfortunately I am also only one person with a busy and varied job who is doing the best she can to get this sorted as soon as she can.

  3. Your practice has provided me and one member of my family with excellent care and for many years. Thank you very much.

  4. It would be helpful to indicate, in the opening hours section of your website, that you are “closed every day between 12:00 and 13:00”, as I have just been informed by the receptionist. Thanks.

    • Thank you for your comment.

      I can confirm that we are not closed every day between 12:00 and 13:00. If you were given that information by someone here over the phone then I apologise for the confusion.

      We do occasionally close for an hour over the lunch period for meetings, or over an afternoon for training, but these closures are always advertised on our calendar page, underneath the information on our opening hours.

      We have no lunchtime closures schduled for this week.

  5. I noticed when I was checking in for my appointment recently using the automated screen that there’s a step that asks whether one is male or female. It occurred to me that this could be a problem for people who are non-binary or transgender, and potentially upsetting to them. My understanding is that LGBTQ people often experience difficulties in dealing with the health care system. It seems like eliminating this part of the check-in system might be a small way to reduce that, along with broader training among staff.

    • Thank you for your comments regarding the criteria to identify patients using the self-check-in facility at the Practice.

      You are quite correct to highlight this matter therefore we have taken steps to remove the gender option as part of the criteria as the current system limits us to only two choices (the ones you highlight in your comments).

      This will ensure we are able to provide a much more inclusive self check-in facility therefore we appreciate you taking the time to raise the matter with us.

  6. Please update the alcohol information leaflets on your website Links->Downloads section. These include superseded advice that men should limit alcohol to no more than 21 units per week, rather than the more recent limit of 14 units established by the joint CMO guidance of Jan 2016.

    Perhaps point to

  7. I wish to record my gratitude to Nurse Siobhan. Her patience and skill in dealing with my hearing difficulties are very much appreciated. I am very glad that there has been a successful outcome.

  8. Wonderful doctors and professionals. Unfortunately, the receptionist is brash and rude. I have heard this from another customer. Very happy with the consultation otherwise.

    • Thank you for your positive comment regarding our clinical staff which is very much appreciated. I am sorry however that one of the reception staff did not meet expectations. Our staff do all possible to care for our patients and the person concerned will be disappointed that they have been perceived in this way. I will bring the matter to the attention of our Patient Services Manager in order that she can address with reception staff.

  9. When are you getting an online appointment booking system?

    • Thanks for your enquiry. We would really like to offer our patients an online booking system, and it will happen eventually. We have just recently been transferred over to a new operating system by NHS Lothian and we’re currently waiting on an update to our clinical system that will allow us to be able to provide this functionality. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a definite timescale for these updates at the moment. We will of course let you know via the website and newsletter as soon as we are in a position to do so.

  10. It is very inconvenient as a patient who has to have a regular blood test( approx every 6 weeks ) to have to wait until a certain date to make my next appointment. I worry as I get older I may forget.
    Surely the appointment system ” window?” should be extended for periodical tests like mine – you managed to extend it before the recent computer link up!

    • Thank you for your comments regarding our appointment system windows.

      I totally appreciate your frustration that such ‘windows’ don’t extend to 6 weeks; however, there are very good reasons as to why we haven’t quite reached that far in advance which I hope you will understand.

      You’re quite correct to say that we have recently extended the appointment windows to somewhere between 4 and 5 weeks which is actually part of a trial. Early indications are that we are more likely to return to 3-4 week windows due to the impact we’ve experienced of late.

      The difficulty with extending the time span is that when GP’s or nurses elect to take leave or are required for example to give medical evidence in court, it is rarely with very short notice. When such abstractions fall within the appointments window, we then have to contact every patient on the GP’s / nurse’s list by telephone and re-arrange which takes up a disproportionate amount of staff time (particularly when added to situations when clinicians call in sick which happens more often than you may think).

      This is less likely within a shorter window as I said. Whilst we can on occasion attempt to get a locum GP to cover, some patients don’t want to see them. In addition, obtaining locums is becoming more and more challenging due to shortages of GP’s across the country which is covered regularly by the media.

      I could go on and talk about many appointments being booked up as soon as they’re released (regardless of how far in advance they are) or indeed that statistics show that the longer appointments are booked in advance the more likely they are to be forgotten / missed, which has a more significant knock on effect.

      In short whilst we recognise and understand the inconvenience to you, empirical evidence is highlighting that a shorter appointments window is more efficient and effective and less likely to increase the workload of the limited resources that we work within.

      I am of course happy to discus the matter further with you if it would help therefore please feel free to contact me at the Practice.

      • I accept all the reasons you have identified, however a blood test can be carried out by most medical staff, and I personally am not bothered who takes my blood.
        Has the practice considered supplying test kits to patients for self testing?

        p.s. I have not missed a blood test appointment whilst being registered with your practice.

        • I can confirm that NHS Lothian does not support patients self testing because of the expense of the testing kit and the ongoing cost of the strips to test. I am sorry that for the reasons previously advised we are unable to offer appointments too far in advance

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