Apr 212021

Since the start of the COVID-19 restrictions, and the need for increased telephone consultations, the Practice has set up a system to allow patients to submit skin lesion/rash/wound photos in via this website so a GP or nurse can review them.

Please be aware that this functionality is NOT to be used without first being instructed by a clinician.

We are receiving a large number of photos in to the Practice, and if we are not expecting them then they may sit there a while before they are seen. It is ONLY when they are expected that they are specifically sought out and actioned.

This functionality is not to be used as a way round phoning the Practice and asking for a telephone consultation appointment. That must be done first and for a clinician to ask you to submit your photos.

We don’t want patients to think we have forgotten them or that we are ignoring them, so please, call and book that appointment first!