Oct 082020

We have updated the main flu vaccination programme article today to include more information on the situation on the intranasal vaccinations for children.

Children in primary school are getting the intranasal vaccine in school, and this programme is already underway. All primary schools in Edinburgh have been scheduled with some already completed.

The families of children aged 2-5 years old (not yet at school) will be receiving a letter with a date, time and venue for their child’s flu vaccination. A number will be available on the letter to phone if this appointment needs to be rescheduled.

This leaves children in high school, under 18 years, with a long term condition making them eligible for the vaccine. The Health Board has arranged for Practices to receive a small amount of the intranasal vaccine to cover this group, and we have set up a Practice Nurse led clinic here at Bruntsfield with appointments available to book now. We will start to contact families of these children to get them booked in for their vaccine, but you can also call us on 0131 228 6081 to arrange a booking yourself.

As ever, more information on the flu vaccination programme is available at NHS Inform.