Dec 092020


DEFINITION: from coor, a Scots word to nestle or snuggle

The above booklet has been produced in a collaboration between Thrive Edinburgh and Health in Mind.

It contains tips for keeping well during the festive period, craft and recipe ideas as well as information and useful contacts for mental health support available .

Christmas and New Year can be a difficult time of year. This year, we also face new challenges, unknowns and stresses over the festive period from coronavirus. That’s why we’re focusing this booklet on the Scottish concept of ‘coorie’ as a way to help us look after our mental health and wellbeing this winter.

Coorie is all about comfort, snuggling, looking after yourself and others. It’s about embracing the benefits of the outdoors and being surrounded by nature.

This booklet focuses on the things we can all do to look after our mental health and wellbeing in our homes, whilst also encouraging us to get outside and embrace the benefits of nature. It also includes a range of support and helpful contacts.

You can find information about mental health and support available all year round on iThrive Edinburgh. Please check the online space to keep up-to-date with support available during the festive period and on Christmas Day in Edinburgh.