Practice Staff


Business Manager:

Brenda Mair

Responsible for the overall management of the Practice with regards to finance, premises, staff and the strategic planning of service development and delivery. Brenda Mair also acts as a complaints and suggestions officer.

Assistant Business Manager:

Kevin Kerr

Assists the Business Manager with the day to day running of the Practice and has responsibility for the management of personnel, health and safety and maintenance.

IT Department:

Karen McDonald & Melissa Reilly

Responsible for all aspects of Information Technology and Information Systems within the Practice. Maintain the practice clinical database recall systems as well as coding and entering data. Ensuring an excellent standard of patients records and audit reporting.

Admin Assistant:

Lyndsey Turner

Responsible for the administration of the registration process for all new patients and the de-registration of patients moving. Added responsibilities: immunisation records for the 0-5 year old, change of addresses and ad-hoc reports.

Medical Records Summarisers:

Harriet Sudall, Shona Swain & Natalie Nicholls

Convert old handwritten patient records to computer based records and ensure all relevant clinical data is computerised.

Medical Secretary:

Elaine Easton
(with Julie Simkiss from the reception team helping part-time)

Ensure the provision of a full and comprehensive administrative and secretarial service to the doctors, management and members of the Primary Health Care Team.

Medical Reception Supervisor:

Alison Waterton

The Reception Supervisor is responsible for the day-to-day supervision of the reception staff and the efficient operation of the reception and records office.

Medical Receptionists:

Julie Simkiss
Nadine Figueiredo
Jenny Swan
Jack Egan
Madeline Herlihy
Rowena Hill

Provide a professional reception and administrative service to patients.

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