Mar 282018

The Practice is currently in the process of migrating to a new telephone system. The whole process will be happening in stages over the next few weeks. As part of the migration we may experience a loss of service at some point during Thursday the 29th of March where we will not be able to receive incoming calls.

The system should only be down for a few minutes but there is the slight possibility it may down for be as much as a few hours.

During the downtime, in a life threatening situation, please call 999. If you need to speak with a Doctor urgently, please call 07583 661924 where you will be put in touch with the duty emergency doctor.

Mar 232018

Spring 2018 Newsletter The spring 2018 issue of the Bruntsfield Medical Practice newsletter is now available to read online.

In this quarter’s issue we announce some changes to the reception team, as well as say hello to our new GP specialist trainee, Dr Collinson. We also remind people, ahead of the summer, to book their travel appointments with our Practice Nurses at least 6 weeks before departing, and we talk about the increasing use of signposting in Primary Care.

Feb 262018


The problems we experienced with our online prescription request form have now been resolved.

NHSmail have set up new procedures to prevent this problem happening again.

We apologise again for the delay in resolving the issue and thank you for your patience.

Feb 162018


The online prescription request form has been opened for use however, it is still being worked on by our network engineering team as we’re still experiencing intermittent problems with requests not coming through.

If you prescription is urgent, we ask that you continue to use the method of handing in your request form and speaking to a receptionist.

Please bear with us during time.

Feb 142018


We are sorry for the inconvenience currently being experienced as a result of us still having some technical difficulties with online repeat prescription requests. We are addressing the matter daily to fix the problem, but are unsure when it will be fixed. The technical issue being experienced is outwith our control. If you need to order repeat medication please use your last prescription counterfoil to indicate the items required, or simply write out the details of your request on a piece of paper (remembering to include your name and date of birth) and either hand them in to the Practice or fax them on 0131 229 4330. Should you be unable to undertake the former methods of requesting your medication the Pharmacist you normally deal with may be able to assist you.

Please be assured the website will be updated as soon as the technical issue is resolved.

Feb 012018


We’re currently experiencing technical issues with our online prescription requests.

Prescriptions can only be requested by either handing in your repeat slip or filling out one of our repeat request slips which are available at reception.

We will update our website as soon as the issues are rectified.

Dec 132017

Winter 2017 Newsletter The winter 2017 issue of the Bruntsfield Medical Practice newsletter is now available to read online.

In this quarter’s issue we say goodbye to a couple of our long serving members of admin staff in the Practice, and we advise all our patients to be ‘health-wise this winter’ with some hints and tips from the NHS Scotland campaign on how to keep well this winter. And if you are so inclined we ask that you complete our questionnaire on how we handle test results.

Dec 012017

Thank you to everyone who attended our big flu blitz clinics for making them run as smoothly as possible, and to everyone who has since attended one of our smaller nurse-led sessions.

Since the flu vaccination season started, the Practice has managed to administer over 2000 vaccinations to eligible patients, which is a huge undertaking and a great accomplishment.

We only have a very small number of nurse-led flu vaccination clinic appointments left available this year, so if you’re eligible phone the Practice today to guarantee your slot.

Get the jab and have a merry flu-free Christmas and New Year.

>> Click here to access eligibiity details <<

Nov 272017

At the very beginning of the year, we asked our patients who had undergone a blood test at the Practice over the previous 3 months if they could complete a survey asking their opinion on the handling of test results by the Practice.

We got a subdued response at the time, and because we are interested in our patient’s opinions on this topic we have decided to run the same survey again.

We did get some very interesting responses last time from patients with ideas for the way technology could improve the process, so we have added one extra question to the bottom of the survey to gauge how popular that kind of solution would be.

If you completed the survey the last time you are welcome to fill it in again, but we are most interested in hearing from those who are completing it for the first time.

Please click the link below to access the survey – it should take no more that 5-10 minutes to complete and is completely anonymous:

>> Making Results Handling Safer <<

Many thanks for your time.

Nov 232017

Scottish power were good on their word at making us a priority to fix the power cut we had this morning. Overall we lost power for less than two hours, and we are now back up and running – the phones, lights and all our IT systems are working again.

Apologies to all the patients we had to put off this morning, or to those who weren’t able to get in touch over the phone. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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