Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information


Data protection and freedom of information (Scotland) act 2002

An increasing amount of information is stored on our patient database and this helps us to provide a much more efficient service. The information is as secure and confidential as the information in your paper based medical record file.

We are properly registered as data users under the Data Protection Act. As such, personal records are held in both computer and paper form. For your present and future treatment, your personal and care details will be documented. This may be on paper (your medical records) or on a computer database. At all times great care is taken to ensure that high standards of confidentiality are maintained in respect of records held. We use the information, which we hold on patients for their benefit – e.g. reviewing and monitoring patients with a particular condition. We may also use the information for other reasons such as internal practice research, audits, training and planning purposes. All staff are bound by the current Data Protection Act and confidentiality is maintained at all times. The current Data Protection Act gives you the right of access to your information, held on paper and electronically. You may ask a doctor to see your records about your health. Please note that in order to cover administration costs a fee will be payable for this service.

From time to time, staff from NHS Lothian may join our own staff to help us review and update our systems. In order to carry out this work a small number of Trust staff have to be given access to patient information. They are each bound by patient confidentiality agreements. If you would like more information on this subject, or have any objections, please ask to speak to a member of the Business Management team who will be happy to discuss your query.

The Freedom of Information Act (Scotland) Act 2002 recognises that members of the public have a right to know how public services are organised and run. The Bruntsfield Medical Practice is obliged to respond to requests about recorded information that it holds. The Act creates a right of access to that information, subject to certain exemptions.

The Bruntsfield Medical Practice has adopted the British Medical Association (BMA) model publication scheme for General Practitioners in Scotland. Overall responsibility for the model publication scheme rests with the BMA.

A copy of our Freedom of Information Act publication is available here: Bruntsfield Medical Practice Guide to Information.

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