Register as a New Patient


In July 2014, the Practice had to place restrictions on the number of new patients we could register as our patient list size was becoming unmanageable.

Our current list size is approximately 12,000 patients, and we are registering new patients on a weekly basis with a view to maintaining our list at around that level.

We have been aware for some time that our system of releasing so many registrations a week, on a first come first served basis, was not always the fairest system for those patients trying to register each week but who kept missing out on the release of the new registration, which always went very quickly. Instead, we have decided to try keeping a waiting list system, where patients fill in a short form (below) to indicate their interest in registering with the Practice, and we will contact those patients in the order of when they submitted their form when registration slots become available.

Please note that it is not advisable to request inclusion on the waiting list should you require immediate or on-going care for existing conditions.

If you are unable to register with the Practice, you can find an alternative Practice by telephoning the NHS Lothian Primary Care Organisation (PCO) on 0131 537 8444. The Registration Department will be able to advise you of the practices you are eligible to join. Alternatively, you can visit the NHS website and enter your postcode to see the Practice options available.

Current wait to be fully registered: approx 8 weeks (last updated 11/09/2018)


Before you complete the form below, you MUST check to make sure your current address is within the boundary area covered by the Practice. If you don’t live within this area you must find another GP surgery with whom to register.

Have you checked to ensure your address is within the Practice boundary? YES
Your Title
Your Forename
Your Surname
Your Date of Birth:
Your address:
Are there any other family members to be registered? YESNO
If YES, how many?
Home tel:
Mobile tel:
Work tel:
Email address:
What is your preferred method of communication? HOMEMOBILEWORKEMAIL

Please type the following characters in the space provided below (no spaces, not case-sensitive):


Depending on demand, there may be a significant wait for a registration slot to become available, but when they do, we will contact you based on the information you have provided to see if you still wish to register.

To register, you will need to complete the appropriate section of your medical card, or fill in a registration form, which you will get as part of a registration pack from our reception desk. You will also need to complete the relevant health questionnaire which is also included in the pack.

Please be thorough and complete all sections in the registration forms, as unfortunately we are unable to process incomplete forms, and this may delay your registration. Your application will be processed within one to two working days, depending on when we receive it.

In order to establish NHS entitlement we need to see some form of identification in person before you can be registered. It is the applicant’s responsibility to prove their entitlement to NHS Services when registering.

Where there is any room for doubt, for example if you were born or have lived abroad for a considerable period, the staff may ask for further clarifying documentation such as a passport, medical card or evidence of permanent or regular return to UK, if this has not already been presented. This process follows NHS Lothian and NHS Scotland guidelines and we would be grateful for your cooperation in this routine administrative matter.

Provision on the registration form of the name and address of your current General Practitioner (GP) in the UK is strong evidence which can be used to support your registration, but is not absolute for those overseas and expatriate UK patients claiming entitlement

NHS Entitled British Citizens (for visual ID purposes)

  • NHS GP4 Medical Card (White)
  • EH11
  • UK Passport
  • UK Photographic Driving Licence
  • UK Bus Pass with photo

NHS Entitled EU Citizens

  • E11 & Passport

Other Eligible Citizens

  • Passport, current working visa and letter from current employer or educational body
    (be aware eligibility under this scheme does sometimes alter when the individual changes circumstances, i.e. moving from an educational placement to a non-working visa arrangement).

All patients registering with the Practice must provide evidence that their qualifying address is within the Practice area, such as:

  • Council Tax bill – with name of prospective person registering and the current address
  • Utility bill – with name of prospective person registering and the current address


If you are an overseas visitor seeking health care in Scotland, NHS Inform have produced several factsheets with information about the NHS Services you can expect to receive:

What healthcare are you entitled to when working in Scotland
What healthcare are you entitled to when studying in Scotland
What healthcare are you entitled as an asylum seeker or a refugee living in Scotland
What healthcare are you entitled when holidaying in Scotland
What healthcare are you entitled to as a former UK resident now working abroad
What healthcare are you entitled to as a former UK resident now living abroad
What healthcare are you entitled to as a UK pensioner now living abroad

Once registered, you will be registered with the Practice as a whole rather than a specific doctor, but you have a right to ask to see a particular doctor, if you wish. If you have a requirement for a prescription then you should arrange an appointment with a doctor of your choice to discuss your ongoing care.

We do not exclude patients from the Practice on grounds of race, sexuality, religion, social class, age, disability or medical condition.