Aug 102018

Thank you to all of our patients who have been so reasonable and understanding over the last few days while our IT systems were being worked on.

The number of phone calls we had coming in, and the number of people turning up to reception, were greatly reduced, so it seems our awareness campaign coupled with the new phone system messages were successful in keeping people informed.

The work done has been successful and we are mostly back to normal functioning again now, and even though we still need a little time to catch up with everything that was on hold while our systems were down, we will be back to running our normal appointment schedule from 8am Monday morning (13th Aug).

For those who need to order your repeat medications, the online request form will be available from 8am Sunday morning (12th Aug).

One system that has suffered with this work, however, is our automated appointment reminders by text. For reasons outside our control our new setup is currently incompatible with the software we used to send the texts, so there will be no more appointment confirmations and reminders for the time being. There are people working on it, but we have no timescale for a fix or any guarantee that it even can be fixed. We apologise greatly for this inconvenience and we will keep you informed as and when we hear more.