Nov 272017


At the very beginning of the year, we asked our patients who had undergone a blood test at the Practice over the previous 3 months if they could complete a survey asking their opinion on the handling of test results by the Practice.

We got a subdued response at the time, and because we are interested in our patient’s opinions on this topic we have decided to run the same survey again.

We did get some very interesting responses last time from patients with ideas for the way technology could improve the process, so we have added one extra question to the bottom of the survey to gauge how popular that kind of solution would be.

If you completed the survey the last time you are welcome to fill it in again, but we are most interested in hearing from those who are completing it for the first time.

Please click the link below to access the survey – it should take no more that 5-10 minutes to complete and is completely anonymous:

>> Making Results Handling Safer <<

Many thanks for your time.