Sep 202016

For some time we have been finding it challenging to maintain an appropriate service to patients as a result of a steady increase in the numbers joining over the last few years. As many of you may remember, back in July 2014 we decided to restrict the number of patients we could register on a weekly basis, in an effort to maintain a list size of around 12,000 patients.

The act of restricting our list was not taken lightly and we have worked hard to safeguard the quality of the service that we strive to provide for our patients.

We have been aware for some time that our system of releasing so many registrations a week, on a first come first served basis, was not always the fairest system for those patients trying to register each week but who kept missing out on the release of the new registration, which always go very quickly.

Instead, we have decided to try keeping a waiting list system, where patients fill in a short form (available from reception, or online here) to indicate their interest in registering with the Practice, and we contact those patients in the order of when they handed in their form when registration slots become available.

The number of registrations available will be monitored weekly, and will depend on patient turnaround.

We will be monitoring this system for the next few weeks to see how well it works, but hopefully it will result in a fairer system for all.