Oct 202015

There have been a number of enquiries to the Practice recently by patients who have been unable to access the website, usually to request repeat prescriptions.

When trying to access the website the following error message would be obtained, rather than the website itself.

This is due to an incompatibility between the security certificate the website uses (to allow users of the website a secure connection to submit personal/medical information to the Practice) and older versions of the web browsing software that some people might still be using. The majority of problems have been reported by people using older versions of a browser called Internet Explorer, which is installed as standard on Windows based PCs.

As a first step to help with this issue, we have stopped applying the security certificate to the website as a whole, instead choosing to selectively apply it to only those pages with a web form that allows users to submit information to us.

This means, that even with an older browser, the basic website is still accessible to all.

Where this doesn’t help is on those pages with a web form, such as the one that allows user to request their repeat prescriptions, where the same error will be displayed if accessed via an older browser.

If you are someone who has experienced a problem like this when accessing the Practice website, and you still want to use the web form functionality, the next step in fixing it is for you to update your web browsing software to a compatible version, or install an alternate web browser.

Our current security certificate is compatible with the following versions and onwards of the five most popular web browsers:

Browser Earliest compatible version Operating system compatibility
Internet Explorer Version 11 Windows 7 onwards
Google Chrome Version 30 Windows XP onwards
Mozilla Firefox Version 27 Windows XP onwards
Opera Version 17 Windows XP onwards
Apple Safari Version 7 OS X 10.9 onwards

For more complete information on browser compatibility check your current browser against TLS protocol 1.2 in the table shown within the following link: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transport_Layer_Security

If you decide you want to upgrade your browser, or install a new one, the following links will help you with that:

Browser Upgrade Install
Internet Explorer Upgrade instructions for IE Downlink link for IE
Google Chrome Upgrade instructions for Chrome Download link for Chrome
Mozilla Firefox Upgrade instructions for Firefox Download link for Firefox
Opera Upgrade instructions for Opera Download link for Opera
Apple Safari Upgrade instructions for Safari Download link for Safari

We apologise to everyone who has experienced difficulty accessing the Practice website, and hope that you understand the need to maintain a secure environment when dealing with medical data.