Jul 042014

We regret that the Practice has found it necessary to declare that our patient list size is currently full and that registrations will now be restricted.

For some time we have been struggling to maintain an appropriate service to patients as a result of a steady increase in the numbers joining over the last two years. The act of restricting our list has not been taken lightly. We are taking this action in order to safeguard the quality of the service that we strive to provide for our patients. As a consequence, we intend to sustain a list size of 12,000 patients, and we will continue to register patients weekly at a rate proportionate to this objective.

We will closely monitor the situation as this new policy takes effect and will adapt the arrangements regarding new registrations as is appropriate. This may mean making further changes to the registration process/numbers at short notice. It is envisaged that the actual numbers being registered weekly will change regularly, dependent on the normal turnover of patients leaving for elsewhere.

If you are unable to register with the Practice, you can find an alternative practice by telephoning the NHS Lothian Primary Care Organisation (PCO) on 0131 537 8444. The Registration Department will be able to advise you of the practices you are eligible to join. Alternatively, you can visit the NHS website www.nhsinform.scot/national-service-directory and enter your postcode to see the practice options available.

We are sorry that it is necessary to implement this course of action and trust that you are able to understand the reasoning behind our decision.


We will continue to register the following groups of patients without restriction:

1. Family members of those already registered, providing they reside at the same address. This includes elderly members of the family joining permanently.
2. New births of current patients
3. Patients who were previously registered and are returning to within the Practice boundary
4. Patients resident at Chamberlain Nursing Home
5. Patients allocated by the Primary Care Organisation (PCO).

TRs (Temporary Residents) and Immediately Necessary patients will be seen as normal. Temporary residents who are in the area for more that 3 months may however be required to register at another practice if our registration allocation for the week has been reached (see information above to assist with finding an alternative practice).