Nov 082011

Our attention has been brought to the following two alerts. Please be aware and act with caution if you are approached in the same way.

Bogus callers offering flu vaccination
An elderly patient in the Muirhouse area was approached in her home regarding her flu injection. When she said that she was going to get it done at the surgery, the person indicated that she could have it right there and then if she would prefer. The patient declined as they had no ID, and when advised that she would check with the surgery, the caller asked her not to. They left when the patient closed the door. The incident has been reported to the Police.

Practices have been asked to warn patients regarding this incident and advise that they contact the Police immediately if approached in this manner.

Scam by Company Specialising in Beds & Aids for Elderly and Infirm People – Relief Healthcare, Blantyre
A patient was approached by the above company who made an appointment. They allegedly specialise in beds and aids for the elderly and infirm. They apparently were aware that this particular patient had recently been in hospital, although the patient is not aware of how they got this information.

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